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Sale - new apartment by the sea Athens (Glyfada Golf) 82 m²
Daily rent, Sale

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ Γκολφ. Sale - new apartment by the sea Athens (Glyfada Golf) 82 m². 2008 house construction. The house is located 300 m from the beach. Not far from the Golf Club, shops and a park, everything is within walking distance. Floor 2, ...

CODE -2170 82 m² 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom2nd floor 2008 year
Rent - house by the sea in Lagonisi (Attica) 175 m²
Rent, Daily rent

ΛΑΓΟΝΗΣΙ Rent - house by the sea in Lagonisi (Attica) 175 m². 2008 year of construction. Up to 8 people can live in the apartment at the same time. Modern apartment on the 2nd floor of the house, with its own courtyard and swimming pool. 4 bedrooms Bathroom…

CODE -SS2162 175 m² 4 bedrooms2nd floor 2008 year
RENT - Apartment by the sea Athens (Varkiza) 60 m²
Rent, Daily rent

ΒΑΡΚΙΖΑ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ Rent - apartment by the sea Athens (Varkiza) 60 m². 1980 house construction. Renovation 2018 floor, great view. Living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom. Large balconies over 2 square meters, with awnings and hedges. ...

CODE -02113 60 m² 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom3nd floor 1980 year
RENT in Athens by the sea (Vari - Varkiza) apartment 74 m²
Rent, Daily rent

VARKIZA - ΒΑΡΗ. RENT in Athens by the sea (Vari – Varkiza) apartment 74 m². Athenian Riviera! Penthouse - 5th floor, elevator The apartment is fully furnished and equipped with household appliances Living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom In…

CODE -ZZ2112 74 m² 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom5nd floor 2000 year
Vacation rental Athens - Varkiza - Vari Apartment 120 m²
Rent, Daily rent

ΒΑΡΚΙΖΑ. Rent for the summer Athens - Varkiza - Vari apartment 120 m². Apartment with sea views, on the Athenian Riviera! 300 meters from the sea. Designed for simultaneous accommodation of 6 people. 6th last floor. Living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 ...

CODE -2853 120 m² 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms6nd floor
Rent - Villa by the sea for summer Vouliagmeni - Athens 420 m²
Daily rent

ΒΟΥΛΙΑΓΜΕΝΗ. Rent - Villa by the sea for the summer Vouliagmeni - Athens 420 M². On a land plot of 2 m². 500 construction year. 2010 floors. Pool, sea view. The villa is fully furnished and equipped with household appliances. ...

CODE -F2564 420 mXNUMX 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms1nd floor 2010 year

Seasonal and daily rent in Greece

Greece is a country in which myths come to life. She needs to enjoy all the senses. It is not enough just to come here to swim in the sea or go to one or two museums. It is necessary to absorb as much as possible - to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, a gentle breeze, the aromas of flowering plants and greenery, to plunge into the culture and history of Ancient Greece. Having decided to spend your vacation in this wonderful place, you will need to take care of housing. Seasonal rental in Greece - A great option for those who want to spend several months in this country.

Travelers who want to visit a single city and visit several places, explore the ruins and ancient monuments of a great culture should use another service - daily rent in Greece.

Regardless of how long you need real estate, a company Home Ellada - A loyal assistant who will help you find suitable apartments at affordable prices.

Features of cooperation

Daily rent Athens or in another region of Greece - a popular service. However, before using it, it is worth looking through the catalog on our website and picking up several options. Acquaintance with the object includes:

  •       description of housing;
  •       photos of residential and domestic premises;
  •       indication of the location and area of ​​the object;
  •       additional information - the presence / absence of repair, age of construction, distance from a traffic intersection, and more.

Having studied this information, you can select several options, which you can then see accompanied by a Russian-speaking specialist. Apartments for rent in Greece - it’s easy if you work with Home Ellada.

For more information or advice, contact the contact phone numbers.