Sale - house in Athens (Varkiza) 310 m²

ΒΑΡΚΙΖΑ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ. Rent - a house in Athens (Varkiza) 310 m². 2001 house construction. 3 floors. 2 living rooms with fireplace, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, playroom, attic. Solar powered boiler, air conditioners. Armored ...

CODE -W22107 310 m² 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms1nd floor 2001 year
Rent - House by the sea in Porto Rafti - Attica, 300 m²

Πόρτο Ράφτη. Rent - House by the sea in Porto Rafti - Attica, 300 m². 5 min walk from the beach. 2004 construction year of a 3-storey building, internal staircase. Living room with fireplace, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.

CODE -W906 300 m² 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms1nd floor 2004 year
For Sale - New House in Agia Marina (Attica) 300 m²
Rent, Sale

ΑΓΙΑ ΜΑΡΙΝΑ, Κορωπί. Sale - new house in Agia Marina (Attica) 300 m². Wonderful, detached house built in 2003, 1000 m from the sea, the magnificent beaches of Altea and Mojito. Agia Marina - beautiful, resort, quiet ...

CODE -02202 300 m² 6 bedrooms 6 bathrooms1nd floor 2003 year
Rent - house by the sea in Lagonisi (Attica) 175 m²
Rent, Daily rent

ΛΑΓΟΝΗΣΙ. Rent - a house by the sea in Lagonisi (Attica) 175 m². 2008 construction year. Up to 10 people can live in the apartment at the same time. Modern apartment on the 2nd floor of the house, with its own yard and swimming pool. Bedrooms: with ...

CODE -SS2162 175 m²2nd floor 2008 year
FOR SALE - apartment by the SEA Paleo Faliro - Eden (Athens) 180 m²
Rent, Sale

ΠΑΛΑΙΟ ΦΑΛΗΡΟ Εδεμ. SALE - apartment BY THE SEA Paleo Faliro - Eden (Athens) 180 m². 1993 house construction. Major renovation done in 2020. Floor 7, with an elevator. 200 meters to the beach "Batis". 2 living rooms, ...

CODE -2142 180 m² 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms7nd floor 1993 year
Rent - apartment in Athens (Voula - Center) 125 m²

ΒΟΥΛΑ. Rent - apartment in Athens (Voula - Center) 125 m². Furnished penthouse on the 5th floor. Living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bathroom. Sea and mountain views, wide terraces around the perimeter. FROM…

CODE -02131 125 m² 2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms5nd floor 1996 year

For those who want to rent a property in Athens

  • Housing in Greece can be rented daily, for a month or longer.
  • Large selection of apartments and houses in all coastal areas of the capital
  • Furnished and equipped with appliances
  • Anonymity Guarantee
  • Selection of the most convenient location for your stay

Additional services at the request of customers

  • cleaning organization
  • check-in / check-out at a convenient time 24 hours a day

Rentals in Athens. Find out how to rent long term

The choice of rental property in Greece is certainly very large.
She is most attractive in the segment of the Athenian secondary.
Let's talk about the secondary market, because it is, for obvious reasons, available to a larger category of people wishing to settle in Hellas.

The rental price depends on the location, the proposed area, the year of construction, repair, the presence or absence of furniture and household appliances. Transport interchange and the availability of a metro station is not far from home.
And of course, proximity to the sea!

The most attractive and expensive apartments are located on the coast, and boast sea views. But this is already "luxury housing."

The most affordable housing in Athens

As the first housing in the center of the capital, poorly provided foreigners and young families — the districts of Patisia, Kipseli and Agios Panteleimonas — enjoy exceptional demand.

Zografu is a comfortable area for living in the center of Athens - called the campus, thanks to the oldest university in Greece, Kapodistrias. And thousands of students live here.

In Zograf, 1 bedroom apartment of 30 sq.m will cost 200 - 250 € per month.

Or, for example, in Koridalos, 52 sq. M is the most ordinary, an empty “kopeck piece” will cost 220 - 250 €.

Rental prices for a small 2-room apartment in the coastal areas of Athens:

Varkise from 350 - 400 € Voula from 500 €
Glyfade from 450 - 600 €

Case study: Vouliagmeni 650 € - 65 sq. M. m / 200 meters from the sea / 3 floors / with a good repair.

The item of expenses for long-term rental housing in Greece includes utility bills for the maintenance of the house (building). They are called the Christrist (κοινόχρηστα), they are charged for 2 months. Before signing a lease, find out from the landlord what kind of film-christ come to this apartment.