For Sale - Apartment Glyfada (Athens) 54 m²

GLYFADA Terpsithea. For Sale - Apartment Glyfada (Athens) 54 m². 1990 year of construction of the house, major repairs 2020. On a plot of 1500 sq.m. 2nd floor. Living room with fireplace, bedroom, kitchen - studio, bathroom, large balconies with tents. Standalone ...

CODE -SS2193 54 m² 1 bedroom 1 bathroom2 floor 1990 year
For Sale - Apartment Ano Glyfada (Athens) Glyfada 330 m²

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ Ανω. For Sale - Apartment Ano Glyfada (Athens) Glyfada 330 m², Pirnari. 1992 year of construction of the house, excellent layout and condition. One apartment on the 4th floor, sunny. Living room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bathroom. Bar,…

CODE -02192 330 m² 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms4 floor 1992 year
Sale - 2 apartments by the sea in Glyfada (Athens) 188 m²

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ Γκολφ. Sale - 2 apartments by the sea in Glyfada (Athens) 188 m². In the building of 1998, 2 apartments are for sale. On the last 5 floor, 4-room apartment of 142 m². One on the floor. Living room with fireplace, ...

CODE -02191 188 m² 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms5 floor 2000 year
Sale - house with sea view of Athens (Glyfada) 435 m²

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ, Αίγλη. For sale - house with sea view Athens (Glyfada) 435 m². 2000 house construction. Sea view. Detached 3-storey house with an elevator, on a land plot of 560 sq.m, a garden around the perimeter of the house ...

CODE -02177 435 m² 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms1 floor 2000 year
Sale - luxury apartment by the sea of ​​Athens (Glyfada Kato) 265 m²

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ CATO. Sale - luxury apartment by the sea of ​​Athens (Glyfada Kato) 265 m². 2004 year of construction of the house, repair 2020. It occupies the entire 2nd floor of the house, elevator, in the best place of Glyfada. Just a minute walk from the beach of Glyfada, Golf ...

CODE -02176 265 m² 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms2 floor 2004 year
Sale - new apartment in Athens (Glyfada Center) 165 m²

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ CATO. For sale - new apartment in Athens (Glyfada Center) 165 m². 2003 year of construction, occupies the entire 5th floor of the house, with an elevator and sea views. On the central square of Glyfada, 2 blocks from the sea. ...

CODE -02175 165 m² 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms5 floor 2003 year

Athens, Glyfada: real estate and history.

Glyfada - Athens Riviera, this is the southern region of Athens. Until the beginning of the twentieth century it was called Exxony, after the discovery of several salty sources here, it was renamed Glyfada - which means “brackish source” in Greek.

They have more salts than in fresh water, but less than in sea.

Moderately expensive, relatively young, compared to the Acropolis, Tisio or Kifissia, coastal, and probably the most popular.

Although mistakenly called it a suburb of Athens.

While it is within the city, and beyond it along the coast are located: Voula, Vouliagmeni, Vari and Varkiza.

And beyond Varkiza, Athens is already ending.

And Glyfada is the same municipal district as: Zografu, Kifissia or Paleo Falirabout.

It is located on the plain of Athens, the coast of the Saronicikos Gulf, 12 kilometers south of the historical center of the capital - Plaka and the Acropolis, and 17 km from the international airport.

Area 25,500 km². The population density is 3,500 per km².

Altitude is only 5 meters.

To the east of Glyfada is Elliniko, from the north of Argyroupoli, from the south of Voula.

Elite hotels and shops are lined up in a row along the entire first line from the beach.

Glyfada has several microdistricts:

  • Agios Nikolaus
  • Glyfada Center
  • Exony
  • Purnari
  • Panionia
  • Ano Glyfada
  • Kolimvitirio
  • Exarchy
  • Euryale
  • Panorama
  • Terpsythea
  • Aigley
  • and the most expensive ones are Kato Glyfada and Glyfada Golf.

Kato Glyfada is the business and tourist center of the area, located opposite the sea. The main shopping streets are Grigoriu Lambraki, and Zisimopoulou, Metaxa, Cyprus, Posidonos with expensive shops, cafes, restaurants, taverns, night clubs.

Yacht clubs in Glyfada have 4 berths with a length of 150 - 300 meters.

Glyfada property

And Glyfada Golf is an elite place, got its name from the golf clubs located here. It is built up by expensive villas, and aristocrats and celebrities live here. The old-timers of Glyfada also remember the billionaire Aristotle Onassis, who lived here with his family.

The farther from the sea the price of real estate per sq.m decreases.

However, in Exony and Panorama you can find houses with panoramic sea views, and cost both on the coast (~ from 5000 - up to 8000 € - per m²)

Rent an apartment or office is about 12 - 25 € - per m²

The beaches in Glyfada are considered good, and they really can be safe for health, and have fun with relaxation, since all international standards are strictly followed.

There are paid ones, and those where admission is free. But compared to the Varkiza beaches, which have been holding the palm for many years in a row and are awarded the Blue Flag, they lose.

The most famous beach “Asteria Gifada” is open from 9 am to 20:00.

Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Near the sea is the "Center for the rescue of sea turtles."

Injured and sick turtles are brought here.

They are placed in large tanks with sea water, treated and released into their habitual habitat.

From 13:00 to 15:00 admission is free, this will not be an excursion.

You can just go in and independently familiarize yourself with the life of turtles at the station.

At other times, you will have to pay for the tour.

The operation and maintenance of this center is not funded by the state or any commercial organization.

And lives off of voluntary donations.


An ancient necropolis was located in Eskon; here, vases of geometric style are discovered - this is the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries BC, which indicates that people lived here after the Bronze Age.

Archaeological excavations of the tombs of 1927 in the coastal line of Glyfada conducted by N. Kiparissis accidentally discovered the ruins of an early Christian basilica dating from the XNUMXth century.

The new history of Glyfada is much more modest. The luxurious resorts of Kato Glyfada formed in the early 1920s. At the same time, beautiful beaches began to be improved, the district's infrastructure and tourism developed.

The Second World War began in Greece (October 28 - OKH Day) 1940 with the invasion of the Italian troops Benito Mussolini from Albania. And on April 6, 1941, the Wehrmacht invaded Greece from Bulgaria, the Greek cities were subjected to massive bombing of the German Luftwaffe. Greece opposed the two armies for 24 days.

By the way, Denmark fought for its independence for as long as 6 hours.

The Greeks had great hope for the defense of their country in England.

It should be noted that Great Britain as a “faithful ally” of Greece, and having 53 troops on its territory, and a large navy conducted a “brilliant military operation” under the loud name “Demon”. And she withdrew all her troops from the territory of Greece, and the Greeks selflessly covered up their flight, and betrayal.

And to this day, this operation is considered very successful in England.

Athens was hit hard during the war. In Glyfada, many houses are destroyed. Beautiful gardens turn into livestock pastures. And accordingly, the resort is in decline.

After the liberation, everything gradually began to recover.

The American military base located in the neighboring Elliniko area had a great influence on the development of the area. Money, fun, music.

And they began to grow like mushrooms after the rain - bars, the country's first fast food restaurants, hotels and houses.

Until 1960, on the site of modern Ano Glyfada there were pastures and shepherds. No infrastructure: no roads, no electricity, no running water.

The population of Athens was growing, housing was not enough.

People did not seek to develop land in Ano Glyfada.

And then the state issued a program: when buying the Eleftheros Antropos newspaper, it was necessary to collect several coupons, add a symbolic sum of money to them, and the family received a piece of land for construction, almost for free.

So Ano Glyfada was built up.

Today, only a very wealthy person can buy a land plot in Ano Glyfada, and build a house.