House - Attica Building - Sounio 900 m²

5,800,000€ 5000000€ 5556 € m²
House - Attica Building - Sunio 900 m²

SOUNIO. House for sale - Attica Building - Sounio 900 m². 1977 year of construction. 3 floors, front, 10 bedrooms. The hotel is located on a land plot of 4 sq.m. Autonomous heating, air conditioning, awnings, panoramic mountain views - ...

CODE -W1077 900 m² 10 bedrooms1nd floor 1977 year
Sale - real estate, building by the sea 2200 m² Attica - Sounio

LAVRIOU SOUNIOU Sale - real estate, building by the sea 2200 m² Attica - Sounio. Multi-apartment, new building by the sea. Distance to the yacht marina, and coastal cafes 150 m. A unique offer for business and investment! The property was built ...

CODE -2996 2200 m² 1nd floor 2009 year
in Greece Sounio buy a house by the sea

ΣΟΥΝΙΟ Κάτω. Sale - apartment building with an area of ​​400 m², by the sea. 10 apartments, all with sea views. From the back of the house there is an endless view of the mountains and forest. Each apartment consists of: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen ...

CODE -022110 400 m² 10 bedrooms 10 bathrooms1nd floor

Resort Sunio

Sunio resort is a small resort area that arose in the territory adjacent to the cape of the same name.


The resort has very expensive land and real estate, much more expensive than in other regions of the country, and therefore it is built up mainly of comfortable country villas and expensive hotels.

sunionSo, for example, the cost of individual mansions in the resort exceeds 20 million euros.

Arriving in Sounio, you will see the impressive Temple of Poseidon.


Its construction began with the construction of the Parthenon in 444 BC. In just four years, in 440 BC the temple was ready.

The temple is dedicated to the god of the sea of ​​ancient Greek mythology Poseidon, stands at an altitude of 60 m above sea level and is visible from everywhere at a distance of several kilometers. 

He was a symbol of Athenian power and a religious center of that time.


Modern Sunio is a favorite vacation spot of the Athenians who can afford it.

There is an unwritten tradition among travelers, it is to admire the sunset of amazing beauty from the top of Cape Sunio and be sure to make a wish.


Center of Athens - Sounio 77 km (≈ 1 hour 15 min)
Airport - Sunio 45 km (≈ 45 min)
Port of Piraeus - Sounio 64 km (≈ 1 hour 15 min)