Sale - plot by the sea 626 m², Glyfada - Athens

ΓΛΥΦΑΔΑ Κάτω. Sale - land plot by the sea 626 m², Glyfada - Athens. Front, corner. Within the city plan. 4 blocks from the sea. Building factor: 0,8 Purpose: residential area. Access road type: asphalt.

CODE -W536 626 m²0nd floor
Sale - Villa 196 m² with sea view Porto Rafti

ΠΟΡΤΟ ΡΑΦΤΗ. Sale - Villa 196 m² with sea view Porto Rafti (Attica). 2000 house construction. House on 3 floors with an elevator, fully furnished with new furniture. Located just 100 m from the sea with ...

CODE -W540 196 m² 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms1nd floor 2000 year
Sale - house 71 m² - plot 1500 m² Koropi (Attica)

ΚΟΡΩΠΙ Αγία Μαρίνα. Sale - house 71 m² - plot 1500 m² Koropi (Attica). 1991 house construction. The prefab house is located on an amphitheater-shaped plot with an area of ​​1500 sq.m. Living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms, ...

CODE -W541 71 m² 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom1nd floor 1991 year
Sale - house 630 m² - plot 4000 m² Agia Marina Attika

ΚΟΡΩΠΙ Αγία Μαρίνα. Sale - house 630 m² - plot 4000 m² Agia Marina Attica. The house is 3-storey, for secluded relaxation and comfort. Living room with fireplace, 6 bedrooms, fireplace, unlimited views, outdoor parking, storage room, ...

CODE -F546 630 m² 6 bedrooms1nd floor
Sale by the Sea - Apartment in Athens (Paleo Faliro) 82 m²

ΠΑΛΑΙΟ ΦΑΛΗΡΟ. Sale by the sea - Apartment in Athens (Paleo Faliro) 82 m². Year of construction of the house 1978. 3 blocks from the sea. Bright apartment on the last 6th floor in Aiolou, overlooking the sea. It takes up the whole ...

CODE -W2235 82 m² 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom6nd floor 1978 year

Of all the countries of Europe, Greece occupies a special place of honor in the history of mankind, and is rightfully considered the cradle of European civilization. Greece is by far the best place to stay, thanks to its mild climate, sea, and varied, Mediterranean cuisine.

If you have an intention to buy property in Athens, we can be useful to you.

It is important to know that obtaining a residence permit in Greece, unlike any other country in Europe, is much cheaper and faster.

The Golden Visa Investment Program (residence permit for investments), for Greece was launched in 2014.

By investing 250 euros in your commercial or residential real estate in Greece, you get a residence permit for all members of your family.

For example, the total cost of an investment in real estate to obtain a residence permit is:

  • for Spain and Portugal, this amount is - 500 000 euros
  • Malta 390 - 000 euros
  • Cyprus 300 euros

Obtaining permanent residence status and citizenship is possible only on general grounds - provided that you live in the country most of the year. This process takes 10-12 years.

The price of real estate in Greece depends on the year of construction of the object, the newer the house, the higher it is. The proximity to the sea, metro, and the degree of infrastructure development in the area.

For example, in Athens by the sea, in the primary market, any object will be much more expensive than in the secondary one.

So to buy an apartment in Athens, in the Alimos - Kalamaki area of ​​65 sq. M on the secondary real estate market, but with a good repair, furniture and household appliances can be for 2000-2800 euros per sq. M.

In Greece, you can become the owner of not only a house, apartment or villa, but also the whole island.

They cost from 3 € - 000 €.

A new, private house in Athens, 1000 meters from the sea, in a good area, and an area of ​​240 sq.m, can be bought for 450 euros, and immediately get a residence permit in Greece.

So, please contact, we will be happy to help you choose.