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Residence permit in Greece

Obtaining a residence permit in Greece in the category "owner of real estate" 


List of documents for applying for a residence permit in Greece under the category "owner of real estate"

1. Applicant’s valid passport with visa. The visa can be either Schengen (type C) or national (visa D) in the category “owner of real estate”.
2 photos
3. A state fee of 500 euros (payable only for adult applicants).
4. The contract of sale of the property
5. Certificate of registration of the contract of sale in the Real Estate Register.
6. A notary certificate confirming the conformity of the contract of sale with the requirements of the law on the provision of a residence permit and the absence of conditions in the contract that could lead to termination of the contract.
7. Insurance contract.

If, along with the applicant, family members apply for obtaining a residence permit (to whom spouse and children under 21 years old belong), then a document confirming family relationship must be provided for each of them.
Marriage Certificate (with Apostille)
Birth Certificate (with Apostille).
Children under 18 are exempted from paying state duty.
Power of attorney - in case the appeal is carried out through a representative. The power of attorney is issued in a special form either at the Consulate of Greece in the applicant's country of residence, or at a notary public. In the latter case, the Apostille stamp should be on the power of attorney.